Aline Dolinh


Promotional materials for house shows sponsored by WXTJ 100.1 FM, the University of Virginia’s student-operated radio station. (Photoshop)

As a personal project, I created three alternate posters for Jordan Peele’s 2019 horror film Us, each inspired by the visual language of the genres that influenced it — 60s thrillers, 70s-80s slashers, and contemporary “arthouse” horror, respectively. (Photoshop)

As a personal project, I reimagined some of my favorite Disney Channel Original Movies as Criterion Collection releases. (Photoshop)

Publicity materials for “The Moon is Red,” an original play by myself and Scott Szpisjak that was staged at Vassar College in fall 2017. Since it takes place in an FBI office circa 1957 and revolves around the Space Race, I wanted the design to visually echo both Soviet agitprop and American anti-Communist propaganda. (Photoshop)

Metamorphoses I and II, an ongoing collage series. (Mixed media)